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  1. Defense Daily Network Subscription

    Defense Daily Network Subscription

    The leading source for business news, market research, competitive analysis and actionable intelligence in the global defense industry. All facets of the market are linked through one portal. Learn More

  2. Weapons Complex Monitor

    Weapons Complex Monitor

    A weekly publication devoted to providing intelligence and inside information on cleanup and waste management within the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Weapons Complex. Includes first-hand reports from Washington, the major DOE sites and the national laboratories; interviews with top-level officials; and predictions for next moves that affect business strategy. Learn More

  3. Nuclear Security and Deterrence Monitor

    Nuclear Security and Deterrence Monitor

    A weekly electronic publication devoted to covering all the activities of the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration, including: modernization of the weapons complex; weapons dismantlement; nuclear deterrence; the weapons laboratories; and nonproliferation. Also includes insight on programs with Russia and other nuclear states. Learn More

  4. RadWaste Monitor

    RadWaste Monitor

    Subscribe to this weekly electronic publication providing news and intelligence on radioactive waste management. Learn More

  5. GHG Reduction Technologies Monitor

    GHG Reduction Technologies Monitor

    Get the inside scoop on actions to develop technologies and systems to reduce GHG with a subscription to ExchangeMonitor’s GHG Reduction Technologies publication! Learn More

  6. Virtual Analyst

    Virtual Analyst


    Virtual Analyst is an online tool that will save you hours upon hours of research by consolidating and simplifying the vast amount of information in the world of defense acquisition into one easily accessible information gateway.

    Virtual Analyst aims to completely change the way you get the information you need in a way that will simplify your life.

    Learn More

  7. Defense Daily International Subscription

    Defense Daily International Subscription


    Learn about defense contracting leads around the globe with a new resource from the publisher of Defense Daily and

    Learn More

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