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  1. Defense Daily Network Subscription

    Defense Daily Network Subscription

    The leading source for business news, market research, competitive analysis and actionable intelligence in the global defense industry. All facets of the market are linked through one portal. Learn More

  2. Defense Daily Subscription

    Defense Daily Subscription

    The defense/aerospace industry's premiere source for timely, accurate news and analysis of business opportunities and trends.
    Click here to see an example issue. Learn More

  3. Open Architecture Special Report

    Open Architecture Special Report

    This special report, sponsored by Mercury Systems, provides a comprehensive perspective on how modular, open systems architectures are helping the military to modernize and keep pace with emerging technologies while simplifying acquisition and cutting cost. Learn More

  4. Defense Daily's Homeland Security Report  Subscription

    Defense Daily's Homeland Security Report Subscription

    Terror Response Technology Report (TR2) is the premier source for news and detailed analysis affecting the homeland security marketplace. Learn More

  5. Virtual Analyst

    Virtual Analyst


    Virtual Analyst is an online tool that will save you hours upon hours of research by consolidating and simplifying the vast amount of information in the world of defense acquisition into one easily accessible information gateway.

    Virtual Analyst aims to completely change the way you get the information you need in a way that will simplify your life.

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  6. FY'16: A Turning Point in Defense Spending? - On Demand Webinar

    FY'16: A Turning Point in Defense Spending? - On Demand Webinar


    This FY ’16 on demand budget webinar will address a variety of topics, including: 

    • What new cuts did service officials propose, and what does that say about the military’s priorities going forward?
    • What in the Pentagon’s budget request is likely to find support in Congress?
    • Is the new Congress any more likely than the last to agree on a way to reverse sequestration, either in full or for defense spending?
    • What sectors in the defense industrial base are protected in the budget request, and what sectors should be worried?
    • How does the budget request balance traditional defense needs with the growing threats of terrorist organizations, lone-wolf attacks and cyber attacks around the globe?
    Learn More

  7. C4I News Subscription

    C4I News Subscription

    The industry's only publication dedicated to covering military communications, command, control and information warfare. Learn More

  8. Defense Daily International Subscription

    Defense Daily International Subscription


    Learn about defense contracting leads around the globe with a new resource from the publisher of Defense Daily and

    Learn More

  9. Space and Missile Defense Report Subscription

    Space and Missile Defense Report Subscription

    Your definitive source for information and analysis on space-related developments. Learn More

  10. Helicopter News Subscription

    Helicopter News Subscription

    Helicopter News brings you exclusive marketplace intelligence, business leads, insider reports, and in-depth analysis to help you succeed. Learn More

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